Music Videos

Music videos is where Kelly Images really excel.  With a background in the film industry, our team are very prolific at coming up with fresh ideas and styles.  Bringing something fresh and vibrant to the table is very important for music bands as the competition is fierce, so standing out from the crowd with a eye catching video could be what gets your music heard by a much larger community.

Production Value:

Production value is always a nice thing to have.  Luckily with our HD professional cameras with Leica and SLR Magic cine lenses we got you covered.  We also have a steady-cam rig, crane jib, lights and a Gopro action camera for sticking onto car bumpers and going underwater!  Colour grading is one of the most important aspects of making a cool music video which is why we use the latest version of Magic Bullet software.  That way we can make your bands music video look like a Hollywood movie.

Live Events:

We are able to provide video coverage of live gigs with multiple cameras and full quality sound taken from the desk.  You can then use that as your music video or intercut your live footage with other footage we shoot later.

How To Book:

Give us a ring for a free consultation where we can go through your ideas and come up with a few of our own.  Once we know the kind of thing you are after, we will be able to give you a rough quote on the spot so you can plan accordingly.  If you decide to move ahead with the video then our director will start storyboarding the shoot and along with our producer, we will start location scouting for a place which does your ideas justice.

Videos will be delivered in HD digital format ready to be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo.  We can also put your video onto Blu Ray or DVD should you desire.


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