Corporate Videos

We pride ourselves on producing creative modern corporate videos that show the human side of a company which isn’t always seen.  We believe that people like to deal with people, not machines or logos but people.  This is why we try to make our interviews informal and friendly.  We also like to show a member of the company at work, giving the viewer a very honest impression of the company they will be dealing with.

The other element which is often overlooked in corporate videos is the visual style.  We like to throw in steady-cam shots, crane shots, music and cinematic colour grading.   This is what we would like to see if we were the customer as this kind of production value makes the viewing experience much more interesting and we would be more likely to watch until the end.


We provide titles, backgrounds and motion graphics all in house so there is no need to go to a dedicated motion graphics house unless your needing lots of animation.  Even then we can outsource this for you and include it in the quote so you have no need to worry about it.

A Plan To Action:

Another important factor is making sure the video ends with a plan to action.  This means that the information is clear and all the viewer has to do to get more information is to click on the screen.  Links can actually be put onto the video itself now so wherever that video is being shown  (Youtube for example), the relevant link will always be present.

Short Introduction Promotional Videos:

Your video doesn’t have to be a 20 min epic.  Many clients like to have a very short video on their homepage to introduce what they are all about.  Here is a recent example of a 45 second promo video.

Free Consultation:

Give us a call as we offer a free consultation meeting where we can quickly work through some ideas and offer you a rough quote on the spot.  If you decide to move forward with the film then we will start storyboarding your project so you can see how your ideas are going to be implemented on screen.

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