Video Production Company Brighton

Kelly Images started in 2011 when established photographer and film director, Tom J Kelly decided to create a production company which didn’t just do one thing.  Businesses needs had changed, video has become a necessity for small or large companies and with the improving broadband speeds, more memory hungry media could be hosted on their websites.  Video production company Brighton

Toms vision for Kelly Images as a video production company in Brighton where their is quite a lot of competition, was to offer his services as a creative director. This meant that all video projects had a free consultation with Tom and after the brainstorming was complete, the video would then be story-boarded and shot as a film.

Brighton Video production company

This process allows for a lot more creativity in the development stage which means clients end up with a video that stands out from the crowd and exceeds, not just matches their initial expectations.  It also means that by using film-making techniques the video has very high production value and looks like it cost far more than it actually did.  This is achieved with the director’s eye, using modern looking compositions of the shots and a cinematic camera, which can use lots of different lenses.  Then after the editing stage of development, the video is then colour graded which is a very important part of the process and makes the image look like an expensive advert rather than a corporate or promo video.